Merry Christmas RPF

Darren Turner


Have A Good One Folks..........!!!

"Scrooge: Merry Christmas, Bob!
Tiny Tim: And God bless us, everyone!"

That's not me, though. So - happy christmas RPF!
Happy Christmas everyone! :) :)
working, most of the day................ :-(
So what's everyone doing tomorrow then ... Anything fun?

Presents with the grand kids, Skype with Blighty, then over eating.... that's the morning sorted! LOL
Good money Daren?

Sounds alright Chris... I shall be skypeing mate in Denver as it goes ...

We are having a Xmas with the wafes and strays ... Mr Barry is eating with us and my mate Joe ... That and drinking the large amounts of whisky whiskey and wine we have :)
o yes hamish it sure

i have worked every Christmas, cooking & preparing meals for other since leaving school 17 years ago so i am used to it now......i should be done by around 4pm hopefully then my Christmas day can start.......!!
Merry Christmas everyone, hope you all have a great day.
I'm busy putting loads of CD's onto a new mp3 player for my technophobe sister-in-law, then it's lots of Food and Drink...... Probably more drink then food though!!!
I hope everyone had a good Cristmas day, mine was quite quiet really. The kids were told not to get up until 7 AM and amazingly they did just that! I don't go back to work until about the 6th so I'm now wondering what the hell I'm going to do with all that spare time. Oh well, nothing for it, I'll have to go around taking photo's!!
Time travel?