Montana Grain Elevator

Chris Bennett

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I haven't put a photo up here before, but I like this one of an old derelict grain elevator in Montana. (Some of the hi-fi folks here may have seen it before!)

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Excellent, I like it.
Blimey guys!
Thanks for the compliments. I don't take too much credit for the photo because the subject was incredible. I have some more of other elevators taken on the same trip but this is the best one.
Here are just two more.
This one was just a few miles away from the first photo.


And this next one was a day's drive away in another country. Climax, Saskatchewan in Canada. Right on the border between the US & Canada.
The sign that said 'Welcome To Climax' had another (graffiti) sign on the back of it that said 'Thanks For Coming' - I kid you not!!

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Thank you Rob and Milan.
Rob, I think I could manage one more - perhaps two in one day might just be too much though.
This one was not really taken for anything other than a record of it's existence, so no great shakes in the artistic department but it was in a town that shares my name!


Grain Elevator: Bennett, Colorado. June 2015
Must have missed these when you first posted them. Great set of pictures! Particularly like the first two, looks like one day nature will reclaim the decaying buildings.