More snowy scenes

Tim Pindar

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The combination of loads of snow, icicles and sunshine lured me out again with the camera.

All these were taken at home or within 5 minutes of home:





And yes, blue snow...:)

The second one had a graduated filter applied in Lightroom, as the bottom half was in shade and the tree in dazzling sun.
Those icicles in the last shot are huge, look like the sort of thing you see falling and impaling people in the movies. Is it your house Tim?

Yes, our house in photos 3,4 and 5. The icicles are all melting this morning.

One day I had to break some off which were right above our front door - very dangerous!
Woah nice! - just how much snow did you get Tim?
Here in the Midlands, we missed out on much of it first time round, then after about a week we got about 6 inches.