Multiculturalism In Canada

Larry Bolch

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I ran across and interesting bit of fusion this afternoon.

Definition of a "Gentleman": Knows how to play the pipes and refrains from doing so. ;)

It has been said that the Scots got the pipes from the Irish and the Irish are still laughing, but the Scots have yet to get the joke.

Strangely it worked quite well. When dealing with the pipes, a resemblance to an elegant little spaniel is the least of ones worries. I really loved the surreality of it all.
OMG Larry, do you not sleep man! There must be something like 6 to 8 hours difference to the UK.

Yeah, sorry about the crude post. I didn't mean to be derogatory about the photo, its a fantastic one. It's just that guys hair!
yes it is a but surreal, I wonder if thats a reagular set up for them or did he just start jamming with them?