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Hamish Gill

Tech Support (and Marketing)
I really cant let my other hobby of hifi slip over into this forum to much .... but what i can let slide is some music recommendations

I have a nice little hifi in the office for us to enjoy some choons whilst we work ... this afternoon we have mostly been listening to

Massive Attack 'heligoland'

good god its a grower... 'paradise circus' is sublime ... proper goose pimple territory for me!
Check out John Butler Trio, you may like the most recent album One Way Road although I prefer the older stuff, Sunrise over the Sea and Grand National. He seems to have lost his roots a little with the new stuff. I think one of the most awesome guitar players and his songs have something to say too. Great to see live although I missed him this year:(

Also Lupen Crook great new band, expect to see a lot of these soon.

If you can play Little Britain by Dread Zone as loud as possible. Saw them again this year at a festival and was about 4' from the speakers, kept knocking my Festy Hat off!!

For something a little different check out Easy star All-Stars and Dub Side of the Moon. Another one that kept knocking my hat off.

To wind down after all that try a little Rodrigo y Gabriela. A acoustic guitar duo with a little difference.

If you want goose bumps try Grace~Jeff Buckley. Such a great voice, pity that stupid stars in their eyes show or what ever it's called had to cover one of his songs (although it was Leonard Cohen's first I believe).
Mate, check out the new UNKLE album. You won't be disappointed! Or if you're feeling fruity, why not put The Dissolutes on and let the good times roll
you can't beat a bit of Pink Floyd followed by a bit of Iron Maiden:D.
The Dead Weather, Raconteurs, White Stripes, actually anything with Jack White
Bjork - anything, but especially Vespertine
Johnny Cash - At Folsom Prison
The Doors

Current Stuff? Plan B, Gorillaz, Paloma Faith, KT Tunstall, Bat For Lashes, Vampire Weekend
Well, as you asked...

I have a bit of a passion for chilled, downtempo music - so much so that I run a group on FaceBook, cunningly called Chilled Downtempo!

I also inflict my music choices on the world via a Pandora streaming radio station (for those that can get to Pandora), and a LastFM streaming feed for everyone else.

The FaceBook page has a years worth of music recommendations on it's wall, and you don't need to be a FB member to view them.
Quite apart from being one of the greatest albums ever released, this is recommended also for its iconic cover photo, which shows that blurry portraits can be successful!

SWMBO loves Dylan - we've seen him live twice in the last few years, and it was quite frankly terrible :(

He refuses to play the classic tracks in any format that you'd recognize - Imagine the Beatles playing live on stage today, doing a bluegrass version of Help.... yes, it was that bad...
Chris, I agree he's declined in the last 5 years of so, of course he is nearly 70 now. His voice got shot a long time ago, by doing 80-100 shows a year from 1988 through to today. Many of the show recordings from the 1990s or early 2000s are great, as long as you accept that Dylan now is not the protest singer or sneering surrealist of the 1960s.

He's always done his own thing, right back to 1965-66 when he first infuriated his fans by going electric, and again in 1979 by writing born-again Christian material.

The songs have been rearranged countless times over the last 40+ years. He is a restless spirit, and has never accepted that his studio albums represent any kind of definitive or "final" version of the songs. He often recorded them quickly, with little or no rehearsal, hours after writing them, so that even a few months later he was singing them differently - different tunes, chords, rhythms or words.

I remember watching REM on TV a year or two ago, they played Losing My Religion at a festival and it was note for note identical to the studio version from about 20 years ago. What's the point of that?
bob dylan is aweswome, really loving 'the man in me' at the moment.

Hamish if your listening to Massive Attack, then you would defo enjoy zero 7. Get the greatest hits or the first album
What ever you do, don't buy any recent Zero 7 material - they've gone to the dogs!

Early material is stunning though.

Also look at Weekend Players, Thievery Corporation, De Phazz (Earlier material), Bliss, Dzihan & Kamien, Emiliana Torrini, to name a few to get you started...