My New Mobile

Vic Shaw

Senior Member
I brought a new phone today, my old one was getting a bit rusty so I thought I'd splash out. The new one is the latest T1nC4N, cost me a arm and a leg. Although it did come with a free portion of can food!

The down side is there seems to be very few users on my network, just an old friend who used to live opposite me when I was about 11.



LOL - nice still life Vic - I understand you get better signal if you use damp string though!

What did you use as the light source?
Hehehe thanks, for this I used a tiny little tent that my good lady wife brought for me when she was out one day. It's a nice little thing that I can take to work for small product shots I have to take from time to time. I used 3 manual flashes fired by radio, nothing expensive. One to the right on 1/3, one to the left on the lowest setting and I fired one through the top on 1/3. I would have liked to get a little more light under the can, but it just wasn't going to happen unless I got really involved. The surface is a shower display board that I got from my old work before they had a chance to put a shower on it.
I forgot, yes it does come with a camera. I need to read up on it though it seems a little complex.


With that last shot, if you stare hard enough you can see it as if the can bends round towards you and the lens is pointing over to the right... very weird...
Ha ace, although I think you were duped matey... It can't be the latest model, minolta were bought out by Sony about 4 years ago...
Glad you pointed that out, I tried calling them but got no answer. :)

I only have 2 Sony lenses 1 wouldn't fit and the other is in China at the moment so I had to use this one, I thought it looked the part with the funky built in lens cap. I don't think I've even used this lens before I must take it out for a spin one day and see what it's like. I think I paid around 20 quid for it complete with a Minolta film camera and flash off of Ebay.