My Older brother came over for a drink

Jeff Harper

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This is his story.


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I think using the sippy cup is to blame - if he'd just drunk the shots normally, he'd have been fine! LOL
Nice, a beautiful representation of human nature... HA...
sorta looks like grez in the first one

Thanks Hamish. I don't remeber being there. (Mind you, neither does he, by the looks of it!)
The sippey belongs to my 13 month old.
Our kitchen table is sometimes the hub,menny things have happened there.
Some fantastic food,wine,beer,card games,my father whos passed on arm wrestled me there,feeding my son and some parteys from my bachler years,also some DYI projects for audio,some gun cleanning and gun smithing like glass bedding rifle stocks or ajusting springs in revolvers,my wifes sewing makeing dresses and sometimes just a place to throw your wallet and keys after a long day.My wife wants to replace it but I keep finding reasons to put it off.Like wait till our son gets older he won't beat up the new one.But the truth is I have too menny memorys at that old table.

This picture is of my brother a few years ago(his 56 birthday)


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