nikon f3 high eyepoint (hp)

Hamish Gill

Tech Support (and Marketing)
i think this is the best slr camera ever made... can anyone tell me im wrong?

Especially if you wear glasses! Mind you, I think Don McCullin might argue that the Nikon F was best for him!!

I have the 'standard' F3 and it certainly is a good system. The interchangeable prisms / heads (as with the F2) are useful especially in technical work. Bit of a beast with its motor drive but a lovely camera none the less. A photographer friend in Stockholm used to always shoot with an F3 but later switched to F5's and said, for her, the advantages of the improved ergonomics were better. She now shoots digital on that format but has stuck with film for MF.

I do like the F3 very much but I still love the matched needle metering used in the FE.

I guess if I wanted to be pedantic I might argue that the best SLR ever made would be the Hasselblad V system!
Zentit E: I always remember reading that the shutter action was like having a car door slammed in your face! Mind, I was photographed with one once by an East German guard on the other side of Check Point Charlie with a lens with a front element the size of a dinner plate attached. I have a slide of him shooting me, as it were, somewhere.