on the moors

Glen Roberts

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Had a ride out looking for Buzzards and spotted a country side ranger setting light to the heather on the moors.


Also spotted a couple of Rough legged Buzzards;).

Shame they weren't a bit closer:mad:.
Hi Glen, Have you thought about dropping in a more attractive landscape from another photo on the last one. I think that the birds are quite far away isn't the problem, it's still quite a striking shot. It's just that the land in the foreground isn't particularly attractive.
Not something I've thought about for that shot, but have had a go before with a different shot and couldn't do a good enough job so I gave up:eek:.
come on glen own up you got the disposable bbq out for your lunch and it kind of got out of hanbd didn't it...haha.

The second image of the buzzard is very good with great details you captured, As for the 2 that are fighting or simmilar wow......great action.