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Hi Graeme,
Thanks for that - I for one found it very interesting. All very straight forward when explained as you have done but I found it 'chamllenging' shall we say when I have tried doing anything similar. At the end of the day I guess it's just a case of getting stuck in, trial and error and learning by your mistakes, and by further practice. I've got a copy of PhotoShop Essentials but never really learned to use it - shame on me !! :eek:
Yes. I always enjoyed doing these and I learned a lot by trial and error. But the thing is that I find the challenge a lot of fun, so thinking up the situations, then sorting out the way of doing it it always a nice puzzle, along with producing the final image in the editing software. So enjoy it and do a few. I always find that doing the job teaches you so much more than any lesson or tutorila!