Panasonic GF2 Announced

Hamish Gill

Tech Support (and Marketing)
Panasonic have announced what looks to be a rather more sleek and stylish compact micro 4/3rds camera, the GF2 ...


so on first impressions of what i have read on the Panasonic site and what dp review have said in their preview .... it looks very much like they have taken cues from sonys nx series and gone for mass market appeal as opposed to the second-camera-for-a-pro market i felt the gf1 was aimed at ...
it doesn't appear to offer a great deal over the GF1 to the enthusiast apart from its smaller size and better screen ... i remain to be entierly convinced by touch screen controls, but then saying that after over a year of owning a GF1 i still haven't got completely use to the controls as a second camera, so maybe ill be proved wrong.
(im sure if it is your main camera it comes naturally, but using 2 or 3 times a month i still find it a touch confusing)
does it have the instant appeal that makes me want to by one?... ... im intrigued, and look forward to having a play with it when it hits the shelves ... but for now i think the added control dials and buttons of the GF1 (however confusing they can sometimes be) are probably more suitable for me!

more info

Panasonic is pleased to announce the newest interchangeable lens compact system camera from the LUMIX G Micro System, DMC-GF2. Based on the Micro Four Thirds standard and with a dramatic downsizing from its predecessor, the DMC-GF2 features an outstanding compactness and ease of operation while pursuing high image quality.

The world’s smallest and lightest DMC-GF2 is reduced approx. 19% in size and approx. 7% in weight compared with the DMC-GF1*. The new model is equipped with a built-in flash which adopts new pop-up mechanism to prevent vignetting effect due to short distance between the flash unit to the interchangeable lens. Featuring 12.1-megapixel high speed Live MOS sensor and high performance Venus Engine FHD, the DMC-GF2 boasts high picture quality not only in photo but also in movie, which has been upgraded in resolution to full HD 1920 x 1080 at 60i (NTSC) / 50i (PAL) in AVCHD**.

The operation is extremely easy to understand for any level of users with the adoption of touch control and the new Graphic User Interface (GUI) designed especially for DMC-GF2. The focus is immediately set to the subject by just touching it on the large, 460,000-dot LCD and you can even release the shutter.

The Touch Q-menu can be customized by the user and include only the features that they most often use. Together with the simple button components including the dedicated buttons for movie recording and iA (Intelligent Auto) mode that lights during activation, users can operate the camera intuitively with ease and comfort.

The chassis is made of aluminium giving the camera an impression design demonstrating quality. Plus the grip is designed to assure good hold on the slim and compact camera. Available in black, silver and red, the pocket-sized DMC-GF2 brings users great surprise of photographic and creative enjoyment.

The Lumix DMC-GF2 will be available in January in 3 kit options, with the Single Focal Length Lens (LUMIX G 14mm) or 14-42mm Lumix G Vario or both in a twin lens kit.

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