Pashupatinath Temple ( It's more Important........ PT II)

Vic Shaw

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As promised Paul I shall post the set of pictures that complete the It' More Important.... picture. Looking at them now they are no big deal really and I wish I would have spent a little time on them.

The Entrance. (wasn't really in the set, but hey I'm setting the scene)

The people in Orange are Sadhus, although Holymen some charge you for taking their pictures. I did meet a great pair of Sadhus in Varanisi at 5 in the morning, but thats another story and another couple of photos!

Sadhus are sanyasi, or renunciates, who have left behind all material and sexual attachments and live in caves, forests and temples all over India and Nepal.


Random shots that caught my eye around the complex.

The small stone building each house Shivas Lingum




This guy was watching the bodies being prepared for cremation on the banks of the river, It's a pity I didn't contextualise the shot, but we was sitting about 50' above the river bank.


The view from across the bank, The Temple complex is actually a lot more then cremations, but not being a Hindu you are not allowed in the more sacred parts, even if you said you were a Hindu not being Indian you would not be allowed in.




The Cremations take place all along the bank of the river. there is another site on the south side of the city near Durbar Square that is the poor peoples site. This is much more open, kinda just in a street and it was the only time we got ripped of in Nepal, by a Buddhist of all people( well so he said).



The Bagmati River


It's more Important than that...


Cremations on the Ganges (or Ganga)


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That is some Super set of shots Vic:D Each one telling its own story

I am very suprised you where alowed to shoot a creamation,In most of India you would be run off or would have to pay the family alot of money.
Jeff, with the exception of the last shot, these were all shot in Nepal. The Nepalese are so different from Indians. They tend not to ask for baksheesh as much as Indians if at all.I found the time in Nepal a lot less stressful then India and you can get beef there too!!

We was warned not to take photos of the Burning Ghat in Varanasi because the hassle it would cause us, maybe have the camera taken from us and/or 'fined' and my daughter who was there this year did have some trouble when she was at the Ghats they demanded money when she went there, but she's wise and didn't part with any.
Next time you go, Say Hi to Manisha Koirala for me,Daughter of the Priminister of Nepal.
And yes,Baksheesh has no shame! And neither dose the local police,The best practic is to bend down and touch there feet,smile and say marfi uncle if I have offended anyone may I leave sir?
Or your family my have to sell there home to get you out of jail.