Pentax go colour blind!

Chris Dodkin

West Coast Correspondent

No idea what they were thinking, and I can't translate the webpage, but the picture says it all...


What were they thinking? :confused:
i dont know what there is to not understand ... its perfectly clear what they are trying to say

"Kx Korejanairobomoderu" from the impact of one year. Workspace's crayfish, including, from our many customers "Kr Korejanairobomoderu want to make it!" By the enthusiastic courtship of the resurrection only as a model for further collaboration model with legendary power.

Set the lens, the new special color "smc PENTAX-DA35mmF2.4AL" attachment. In addition, a dressing or special accessories an astonishing force would prevent the pop-up flash unit attached to the hotshoe "Korejanai Sutorobokyansera" and included, and is finished in second generation models suitable for the whole body. Of course, part of the flash [Korejanairobo drawn face is for worker's autograph of crawfish this time.

the new camera is actually a type of sea creature!
Ah, that explains everything.......