Photo from a Yashica 124G

Dunga Gin

Well it looks like I'm in a serious minority bit I still like using film and more than 70 rolls in the past year - yes I know some NYC street shooters use this amount in a week but that's American's for yer :)

Here's a 124G photo taken more two decades ago . .

Nice subtle tones Dunga. What film was it on?

My first MF was also a TLR (Mamiya C3). Not as portable as the Yashica though and tricky to hand hold but wonderful quality and a great instrument for learning with. I still have it but it rarely gets used. I really love 6x6 though and most of my MF gear uses this format although my travel MF camera is a Mamiya 7II.
And to help keep the balance this was shot using a Hasselblad C/M + 80 f1:2.8 (at 2.8 to keep DoF narrow) onto Ilford Delta 400 and again printed onto Ilford MGIV (negative held in 5X4 glass holder to allow film border to print through). Main light from window with a reflector bottom right.

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Haven't used film "in anger" for years so more power to you! Super stuff.