Critique Welcomed A few landscapes from my part of the world

Len, I feel you do yourself a disservice. Your images amply portray the quiet beauty to be found in your neck o' the woods.
Thank you and I get what you're saying, Intellectually, at least. But when it comes to "feeling it", I struggle. I think part of it, in fact quite possibly the bulk of it, is that -- as embarrassing (and kinda depressing) as it may be to admit -- I've lived in Louisiana for all of my life. For. Nearly. Sixty-five. Years... So "familiarity breeds contempt" has settled in quite firmly. The gloss has worn off. Or to borrow a phrase from B.B. King:

The thrill is gone
The thrill is gone away
The thrill is gone, baby

The thrill is gone away from me


So when I see nice landscape images of nice places, it's difficult to "compete" (for lack of a better term). It's not that I want to compare myself to other photographers, really. Well, yes... it is, to a degree but not in a "superior / inferior" sense. Rather it's for the purposes of learning and growth and I think that's legit.

But making a photo is a sum-total game in a sense. There are all kinds of "ingredients" (mental, physical, logistical, visual, technical, etc.) that come together to make an image. So if one ingredient is weaker, sometimes another can be stronger and therefore, compensate. But the fact remains that any weakness of any ingredient is an detriment to the final (i.e., sum) result. The more strong ingredients you have, the better the image will be in most cases. Of course no image is completely perfect, 100% strong in every regard. But in my case, starting with dull(er) subject matter just means there's less "fuel in the tank", so to speak. Quite aside from my own shortcomings, I'm starting from a disadvantaged position.

At least that's how it feels. But your and others' input is absolutely welcomed and appreciated.
Thanks, Len. I do see what you mean, how you can end up not being able to see the wood for the trees, so to speak, when you've lived in place for a long time.
My wife and I paid a brief visit to the Nola region a few years back (came over to see Duran Duran perform at what I believe was the inaugural show at the Filmore - all part of a long story lol...). We stayed at Pearl River, driving into the city as when, managing to catch the early stages of the Mardi Gras - all good fun. We did get out 'n' about to see some of the surrounding countryside, a couple of swamp boat rides thrown in for good measure, so I can appreciate what you say about your 'neighbourhood' so to speak. I guess, living in the UK, I'm rather privileged and spoiled for choice in regard to landscapes ☺️😏.
I have a difficult time taking one of my (for example) "cypress-trees-on-water" shots seriously when compared to... oh, maybe something from Utah
but, but, those other places DON'T have cypress trees in a bayou.
those other places DON'T have cypress trees in a bayou.
True, but somehow in my "life context" that seems to be a mostly good thing. 🙃 I understand what you mean and it's true, but I'm personally not a fan of swamps LOL. Photos are one thing, but when experienced in person they're fairly nasty and generally vile places... unless you like mud, smell, alligators, snakes, mosquitoes and humidity, that is. :cool: To me, swamps seem to be (for lack of a better term) sub-standard subject matter.

I could sure use a change of scenery... LOL
I don't know if there are guidelines or protocols prohibiting the posting of multiple images per message, but if so I'll just ask for forgiveness up front. And I promise to never do it again. :)

These were taken more or less in central Louisiana. We don't have spectacular landscapes in the conventional sense, at least not like other places. But here's a little of some of what we do have. At least that I've been able to shoot!

Valentine Lake sunrise

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Chicot Lake inlet

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Foggy morning at WHCRC (technically not in my area but in relatively nearby southern Mississippi)

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Chicot Lake sunrise

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Bare tree at Red River Park

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Big sky but little water at Little Lake (Catahoula National Wildlife Refuge)

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Alternate, more minimalist, version of Little Lake

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Firstly, I would like to say, that these are good images, one has to remember that we are scattered all over the world and the vicinities of each home, are different from one me, way up on top of the world. therefore it is at least the way I see it, very interesting to get to see your environments and how you picture them.