Pistyll Cain

Darren Turner


The spectacular waterfall of Pistyll Cain (Cain's waterspout), in the Coed y Brenin Forest (which translates as the Forest of the Kings) is situated in the beautiful wooded valley of the Afon Cain, a tributary of the Afon Mawddach. The Afon Cain falls over a sheer cliff into a terraced series of rocks. The iron bridge that lies several yards directly in front of the waterfall is a good point to view it from.

The waterfall, which falls 150 feet in total, is not accessible by road
thanks folks........inspired by Laurie's waterfalls, i had to do some serious research to find a local water fall, this one is some dense forest ........looks like it paid off..........lol
Fab shot Darren of a very scenic looking waterfall, well worth going off the beacon track to find some of these I reckon as its usually the nicest ones are normally off road ( worth always telling someone though where you are going as mobile phone signals are also usually quite hit and miss in these places), that's my tip for the day lolol
Wow - great find and a fantastic composition Darren.

One of these days I'll get off my arse and go try the slow shutter effect on one....