Real Photographers Books ... "The Perception of Doors"

Hamish Gill

Tech Support (and Marketing)
How about we do actually start thinking about putting together little books of our work with specific themes... i have no idea if we could sell them ... it would be nice, but really who gives a monkeys... the joy would be having photos taken by a few of us who are interested next to each others in a nicely laid out book!

we could all post images we love within the theme and then between us decide which ones to use... il get my graphic designer to do the layout and then we can use one of the online publishers to put it together?

so what do you think?

i must admit, i do have an ulterior motive, it would be a great way to promote this forum.... but overall, i just want to see my photos in a book along side other photos that you guys have taken that i also love ... it would just be a really nice thing to have!
It's crowd sourcing for photo books - using the internet to do something that wasn't even possible a few years ago - I like it!

You'd probably have to have web images for online review, then get the larger print quality files for the chosen shots prior to printing.

Depending on the number of images - you could do a calendar or a book etc etc.
we could have a whole line of merchandise eh?

i definitely think the idea has legs ... and it sits well with me and the "community" idea of this place ....
Right let's do it then... Robert will be up for it too! ...
I'm just gonna get on with it and work it out as I go along ... If I get too bogged down in the details I won't follow through...
I'm in but I'll draw the line at the Real Photographers Forum Naked Christmas Calender.

"We're going to need considerably bigger buns!"