How wonderfully confusing. I get the impression that the right side is describing the left in some alien script (Betelgeusian I suspect!).
Thanks a lot, Pete. Maybe NASA or the European Space Agency could send it up into space in an exploratory mission as an example for the aliens of Earthling writing? That would fool the buggers! :)
Very interesting images, Brian, looks like a parallel reality is occurring right before our very eyes. The R72 is indeed helpful, I must try some of this IR photography myself. I have a couple of old Kodak HIE and a roll of SFX 200. Hopefully, one day...
Thank you, Julian. I have a roll of SFX 200 also that I plan to shoot. I have a #29 red filter that I’ll put on the lens. I look forward to your results when you get around to it. (By the way, the picture above is a single image.)