1. Brian Moore

    Critique Welcomed Grain Elevator Study V x 2

    I think I first posted this image back in '21 but the link has broken since I moved the image I guess. Anyway, here it is again (I think) with the original caption: On sunny days I've been shooting a lot of infrared monochrome images lately. This is image number 5 of a grain elevator adjacent...
  2. Brian Moore

    Gehry Abstracted

    What you're looking at is a small portion of the Museum of Pop Culture in Seattle, Washington. It's a design by the famous Frank O. Gehry. Infrared with Sigma Quattro SD and Sigma 30/1.4 Art lens.
  3. Brian Moore

    High Rises, Seattle

    Nothing says "high rise" like looking up the side of a tall building. Canon F1 and Canon 17/f4 with Tri-X.
  4. Brian Moore

    Critique Welcomed Man In The Early Stages of Rapture

    Went down to Seattle a couple of weeks ago and took with me my Canon F1 with a 17mm lens. Sat on a bench at Seattle Center to load some Tri-X in the camera and shot off the first few frames to advance the leader. Wasn't bothering to compose. Got this. Processed in Rodinal, semi-stand, 1+100...
  5. Brian Moore

    Critique Welcomed 12

    Not sure if I've posted this before. This is the Seattle Great Wheel, which is at Pier 57 on the Seattle waterfront. It's 175 feet high. The number 12 on that one gondola celebrates the Seattle Seahawks (NFL) home crowd (the 12th man). You see the number 12 plastered on things all over Seattle...
  6. Brian Moore

    Critique Welcomed Hilltop, Late Afternoon

    Gasworks Park. Seattle, Washington. Olympus XA with Fomapan 400 film.
  7. Brian Moore

    Critique Welcomed That Same Bridge Again

    Another shot of the Aurora Avenue Bridge in Seattle. This time from the other side. Olympus XA with Fomapan 400 film.
  8. Brian Moore

    Critique Welcomed The Aurora Avenue Bridge

    Here is another "digital manipulation" (aka colorized--er,...colourized--in Ps). This is the Aurora Avenue Bridge in Seattle, Washington. I used an Olympus XA2 with Fomapan 400 film. I've included the original image for comparison. Original:
  9. Brian Moore

    Critique Welcomed The Space Needle in Winter

    The Winter of '20, I think. Maybe '21. Since I lived fairly nearby my daily exercise often included a walk through Seattle Center--where the Space Needle is--and I had plenty of opportunities to shoot pictures of it. Infrared with Sigma Quattro SD, Sigma 30/1.4 and Hoya R72 filter.
  10. Brian Moore


    2125 Western Avenue. Seattle, Washington. Infrared with Sigma Quattro SD, Sigma 30/1.4 and Hoya R72 filter.
  11. Brian Moore

    No Explanation Necessary...

    ...after all it's quite obvious what's going on. 😳 Suffice to say it's a modern dance at Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle, 2017. Olympus OM2n with Arista EDU 400 film.
  12. Brian Moore

    Arbortecture III

    Time to get those trees trimmed I'd say. A home in Seattle. (Infrared with Sigma Quattro SD, Sigma 30/1.4 ART and Hoya R72 filter.)
  13. Brian Moore

    Critique Welcomed Arbortecture II

    The Winter's annual defoliation provides a gradual reveal: It's the Museum of Pop Culture in Seattle. (An infrared image taken with a Sigma Quattro SD, Sigma 30/1.4 ART lens and a Hoya R72 filter)
  14. Brian Moore

    Critique Welcomed Discovery Park

    Discovery Park in Seattle was once a military installation, Ft. Lawton, which I think was opened in 1900. The buildings there are all ex-military housing (officers' homes) or administration. The mountains on the horizon are the Olympics, so in this view you are seeing the Olympic Peninsula...
  15. Brian Moore

    Critique Welcomed Arbortecture (or maybe Archiflora?)

    A deciduous tree of some species against the backdrop of the Frank Gehry-designed Museum of Pop Culture in Seattle. Digital infrared with Sigma Quattro SD (IR Cut filter removed), Sigma 30/1.4 ART lens, and Hoya R72 filter.
  16. Brian Moore

    Critique Welcomed Columbia Tower, Seattle

    The Columbia Tower is the tallest building in Seattle. Indeed, it is the tallest in all of Washington state. It reaches into the sky some 933 feet. However, it's only the 41st tallest in the USA. I submitted a few images to Black & White Magazine last year and three were selected and...
  17. Brian Moore

    Critique Welcomed Cyclists in the Gloaming

    On 2nd Street in Seattle. As you can see the descending darkness overwhelmed my ability to hold the camera steady for the exposure time required. Nevertheless it's an image that holds some appeal for me. Olympus XA and Fomapan 400 film processed in Rodinal.
  18. Brian Moore

    Critique Welcomed Gathering Under A Winter Tree

    Madrona Park. Seattle, Washington. Holga 120N with Fomapan 400 film processed in Rodinal.
  19. Brian Moore

    Critique Welcomed Diver

    There is a small pedestrian bridge at South Lake Union Park in Seattle and one evening late last year this fellow stood on the crest of one of the arches making ready to jump. The drop isn't far,...maybe 10 or 15 feet to the water,...but the fellow couldn't work up the courage to jump. At least...
  20. Brian Moore

    Critique Welcomed Mercer Street, Seattle

    At the Aurora Avenue underpass. Olympus XA2 with Fomapan 400 film. Rodinal developer.