Registering Day

Barry Keavney

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On our little meander today, Hamish showed me Worcester's finest wedding registery office. As you can see, they have cleverly errected a metal arch for the lucky couple to walk under upon leaving the office. Not only have they been so thoughful, they have also placed no less than SIX paving slabs (where I was standing) for the photographer to take that special shot!
By the by, I decided to make this one memorable piciddy pic, and as a treat to Hamish, I have desaturated the image and left the foliage/flowers coloured; which I happen to know he loves in a wedding album...On your special day.:D

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Is he blushing? I can't tell....
So while you two were standing facing each other taking 'wedding' photos, did security come out and ask what the bleep you were doing? LMAO!
nah, its part of a park, we were walking the dogs ... ... well the dogs were running around in large circles chasing each other whilst we were walking around ... i have a whippet and a whippet/lab
BTW - I think the pink toning is very fetching....