Sabratha, Libya

Paul Lange

Finally got a chance to visit the Roman ruins of Sabratha while I was in Libya this month. It costs just a few pounds to get in and nothing is fenced off so you can walk all over it! The main Theatre is quite impressive but apparently not a shadow when compared to Leptis Magna which is where I plan to go next month.

I only got the chance to go midday and it was very hot and sunny. I took all the pics in Aperture Priority mostly f5.6 to f8 at 200 ISO which was an accident, I should have set it to ISO100. Most pics were overexposed and I had to calm them down on the PC. Thankfully the Nikon Viewer software is quite good for adjusting the photos in RAW. The Shadow Protection function was used quite a bit to to lighten up the darker areas after the exposure had been knocked down a bit.




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Nice, I really need to get out this country more!
I particularly like the 5th of te second lot and the second out of the 4th lot!!