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Sunset. Yes, that is an observatory / telescope on top of the building below the sun. I do not know why it is there, but with the heavy smog around most days I doubt that it gets much use.


Once the sun goes down, the lights turn on. Shanghai buildings like to show off at night (and they do a good job at it)


I like all 3. The first for the muted foreground and a fair depiction of Shanghai smog on a medium day. The second two for the vibrant colours and what it can look like on a good day.

The observatory may be a well disguised air defence system? :rolleyes:

Did you take a river cruise? A walk along the promenade of the south bank (I think it's the south) is great though you will find quite a few photographers there.
Thank you Roshni, Raza, and Milan for your comments.

Milan, I did walk (briefly) along the river on the Pudong side, but at the time, Shanghai was experiencing a rare snow store (first time it has snowed since 2008), so my time outside was limited. For most of my visit, the temperatures did not venture much above freezing. On my previous visit in October I was able to get some shots of the Pudong district skyline at nighttime (from the Bund side).

A few minutes after the first image, I took this one