Shots from local Fields and Wood

Paul Lange

Just a few shots taken while wondering around the fields and wood close to my house. In the 8 years I've lived here I discovered them a couple of months ago! I never had a need to go in the direction where they were and found them by accident.


This reminds me of the kind of place you might find fairies living


It had just finished raining and this leaf had these huge drops of water on it.



A couple of shots to try to make daisy's a bit more interesting.
I like 1 and 2 - looks suitably moist!

I think you're definitely onto something with the ground level detail shots, especially as autumn comes around and there's some additional colour etc available
I like the leaf one, tried this a few times, but I can never seem to get it right. Not sure if I like the third one, I fins myself wondering what the yellow stuff is that looks like a curtain and I'm never really a fan of selective colouring.