Hi Mark,

Very nice. I love these sorts of small 'architectural' details and have dozens of similar images (I'll post some soon). It looks like you have done a little post-processing. I often use a bleach-bypass and sometimes a cross-process simulation. What about you?
All were initially processed in Adobe RAW.

Image one had a Nik Software B&W filter applied (to add contrast and structure)
Image two has been tone mapped (to bring out the colours)
Image three had a Alien Skin B&W film filter applied (to enhance the texture of the wood and cardboard)

Have they worked?
Hi Mark,

Yes, I think they do work. I'd have probably have used a bleach-bypass on the grave stone and maybe a touch of vignette but that's because I tend to like a bit more 'grit' and desaturated colour. Why did you use Alien Skin for the the B&W conversion on "Yard Sale" rather than Nik (was it SilverFX or Color?"?
I was trying to get the writing a bit clearer on the gravestone, and it does have a subtle vignette on it.

Silver FX.

Why Alien Skin? Not sure, was just looking for the colour that I had in my mind for it. I'm sure I could have done it in Sliver FX just as easily with the tone sliders.
Thanks Mark, I was just curious as I've looked at Alien Skins stuff a few times and wondered what is was like (too lazy to try). I tend to use Nik Software either through PS or LR for most things when needed as well as the plugins from Pixel Genius (their born and dodge modules and cross-process simulation are especially good IMO). Over the years I have accumulated loads of different add-ons, plug-ins and stand-alone solutions but these 2 have stood the test of time.
I tend to use Alien Skin when I want to play with a polaroid look, but mainly use Silver Efex B&W.

I've not looked at Pixel Genius - added to the list!