Critique Welcomed Slow, Nose-Up Pass

Brian Moore

This is from the Great Pacific Airshow in 2017. That year the featured performers were the US Navy Blue Angels. (In alternating years it was either the Blue Angels or the US Air Force Thunderbirds.) The aircraft is an F/A-18 Hornet.

Because the airshow is conducted over the sea at Huntington Beach, and because the marquee performances take place in the afternoon, and because the sea at Huntington Beach is to the west, it was sometimes hard to get as good an image as you might want because of the sun descending behind the aircraft. (East Coast air show attendees don't have that problem.) Anyway, the glittering water is interesting to me as is the color of the smoke and its shadow. (I admit to doing some post-processing for this particular look.)

Canon 7D with Tamron 18-270.


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