Social Media Sharing

Hamish Gill

Tech Support (and Marketing)
There is a big back story to all this, but you can expect to see some changes taking place around here soon. One of the things we are working on is building on our membership a bit, and one of the measures we have taken to do that is social media integration.

You might notice there is now an ability to post automatically to facebook and twitter? Well something that is happening behind the scenes is that threads are going out to the RPF facebook and twitter automatically.

Facebook -
Twitter -

you can also opt to post to your own profiles - hope you like this is much as I do! :)
Nicely done Hamish - do all posts go out, or are the restricted forums prevented from being automatically posted out?
Is there an opt in and opt out on certain images. Say I dont post many images with friends or family in because I'd ask them first, but if I did for instance will there be an opt out? Mybe I'm being daft as I don't use Facebook , not sure about all the rights or privileges you hold on places like FB.
I've switch it off.
There are Facebook and Twitter links by the "post reply" button if you wish to post to your own accounts