Southport International Musical Firework Championships

Darren Turner

i have spent a week away and enjoyed some nice weather for some photography, here are some shots for the firework championships i went to see over 3 night with 7 uk companies competing








Some nice shots Darren but the last one is a real beauty.
Nice to see fireworks with a bit of colour in the sky instead of total black :D.
Yes, the last one is great.

Funny how "less is more" in terms of appreciating the beauty of fireworks.
Like everyone else I like the last one, such a nice shot.
thanks for your comments folks, much appreciated......i love fireworks lol
Fabulous - especially that last one - stunning!

Care to share some camera settings for the captures - I always go fuzzy when trying to work out how to set-up for fireworks :(
I agree with all the other folk here, a great series but the last one is the winner. My only suggestion would be to crop it just below the posts in the water to eliminate the reflection at the bottom and hence keep the eye focused in the upper part of the frame. What do you think?
Setting i choose for the fireworks were as follows.....

Canon 40D
17-85mm Lens
Remote Shutter Release
IS off
ISO 100
F8 ish ( i played around alot here )
BULB Mode & 2, 3, 4 second ( manual counting in head lol ) exposures and mainly guess work
focus on infinity

i did get heck of alot of failures though

as for the crop idea, yeah that sounds like it might work.

Ta muchly - I will rob your settings for my next firework display :)