Critique Welcomed Spruce of Grizedale

Wes Hall

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Trees are uncooperative buggers whenever I aim to capture an image of them. But, when surrounded by them...Spruce Stand rp.jpg
Thanks Rob, I couldn't agree more about the lighting, without a strong, directed light I'm lost with them as a subject.
Trees in themselves aren't so bad. It's when you get into the woods that the problems start to appear.
Woods are r-e-a-l-l-y untidy! There's lots going on to distract the eye.
There's usually a heap of dynamic range to deal with, with all those bits of light poking through the shadows.
In woodland, I generally prefer to look for interesting parts of a tree rather than trying to get the whole thing in, unless the topography allows a view that excludes the sky.

Fog helps...a lot!
Really good points Chris, I'm going to think on the dynamic range issue- could help me look for a way to get the scenes balanced. Close up features I get, they do make it easier to frame and expose well. Cherry Bark.JPG