Staring into the abyss..

Vic Shaw

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Taken whilst waiting for the train home the other night, the guy on the left was pacing up and down muttering to himself quite normal for London I guess. I like the fact that there's no blurred train in this (although that was my plan) and the platform opposite is completely empty.


I like this one, you have made a very mundane train station actually look quite interesting and managed to get a nice composition as well. I like the way the vanishing point is tucked away in the darkness on the left hand side. It initially looks like all the lines dont actually meet which makes it really interesting. They do all meet however, I rather sadly checked just incase the laws of physics changed this morning before I got up.

Yep, people muttering to themselves and pacing around in public places is fairly normal for London.
And it is actually a very mundane station!.....I never really thought of muting the blue, although the original is rather colourful and has been muted already. The poster on the other platform are very colourful, I must admit though when I scroll up to just lose the blue completely it looks a lot better, more 'urgent' . So thats a little thing to do later. You think add more contrast? I'm just on the edge of losing poster 2 I've already lost poster 1.

Added some contrast, It actually wasn't that bad re losing the posters also muted the sky a tad. Again it improves it I feel.
yes it does have a film ring to it, I borrowed your tip for the border here but used the colour for the vignette instead of the border.