Storm clouds over Sedona

Chris Dodkin

West Coast Correspondent
We had a hell of a storm come through - thunder, lighting and rain - a real super cell.

Managed to capture some of the cloud formations overhead with the Canon 15mm


Smelled so good after the rain though :cool:
I like this, I'm really getting into fisheye at the moment, I like the horizon with the hills to the left... Could a gradient be applied to the top to darken the clouds and balance the exposure with the bottom part of the image?
Ooooo, good idea, will try that in a bit :)
here you go - grad, tweaked, and bright lamp removed

Ah yes, the pinkness......
Chris, my monitor isn't calibrated at all but I'd prefer it a bit darker..? Nice shot though.
working from the laptop, so it's probably all over the shop re exposure!

Will re-visit on the desktop and do a proper job later :)