Strayed...gets drunk...again

Barry Keavney

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As I said in another thread, I was back home doing photos for a band. Anywho, after all the photos were done, we had the obligatory session!
The weather was pretty desperate, with winds gusting in excess of 80mph, but we casually donned our beer blankets and walked about half a mile to an abandoned hay shed, armed only with a camera, a cymbal, a cymbal stand, a lighter, and some...white spirits?! Resulting in this...


For the state we were in, I am happy...its my answer to "Rage against the Machine"s album cover with the needless waste of human life! And although white spirits is hard enough to get going, once its ablaze, its hard to put a hay shed! :rolleyes:
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Looks toasty! LOL

Kind of reminds me of a Flash Gordon flying saucer vibe...