Studio Portraits (5x4)

Hi All,

I've been a bit remiss in posting images so far so here are a couple of portraits from some ongoing series. They were both shot using studio lighting (L & R honeycomb spots, 1:3 and upper front L parabolic on Bowens heads firing off an asymmetric pack) using a Cambo Legend (5x4) with 90 mm Apo Rodagon at f64 (to keep the background nice and dark) onto a PhaseOne P45 back mounted on a PhaseOne FlexAdapter. Raw conversion was done in CaptureOne 5 and B&W conversion was done using Nik SilverFX (Fuji Neopan simulation with light coffee stain) via LR/PS and the image was cropped to about 70% of the original capture to give a square format for framing.


very nice couple of images, i prefer the second....the lighting and detail is amazing......!!

yes photobucket isnt very good for image qulaity.........does the trick for forums though......
I like these, I am so trying to get into taking shots of people more. I like the 2nd one, theres a guy at work with a 'interesting' face but he just wont let me take his portrait
Give him beer!
I have a tattooed mate who has agreed to let me take photos of him for beer... Well actually he only drinks amaretto ... So it will be some of that I would think
I just wish I was brave enough to approach people, theres a guy around my area with his head all covered in Maori tattoos, but I'm just not brave enough to ask him. The guy at work is point blank refusing to let me take his portrait even with the offer of beer. Maybe I should have a beer then I would maybe ask the tattooed guy
neat shot, I was at a festival 2 years ago and there was a guy doing accrobatics in the main field. I wanted to lay on the ground and take a shot of him as he went over the top, of course I didn't ask him ( I was a tad paranoid at the time) and I do so regret that.
That was outside a pub in Birmingham with a "Gary fong" on my flash...
Paranoid at a festival....
I hate that feeling of missing a shot! It's always the best photo you would have ever taken eh?
I wanted to shoot homeless people (in a photographic manner, of course), but you can imagine how scary that is going to be. I have by no means given up on the idea, I just need to be able to afford enough beer to buy them off. Once or twice, I have driven into town on the weekend only to bottle out at the last minute. When I get them, I'm sure asking anyone else will be a breeze!
Yes, just be brave and ask. It turns out that Marcel here is a the drummer in a 'Death Metal' band and was really interested in the process after being asked (he lives in the same apartment building, so not quite "off the street"). Having seen the portrait and getting a 30 x 30 cm print, now his girlfriend is keen. I guess you need to work out a way to make it a 2 way process somehow (don't forget model release if you want to use the images commercially though).

Later this year I want to try an start a project on small businesses in Potsdam. So far I have only a violin maker who has at last agreed after realising I'm serious and having see some portraits. There is also a great Scillian guy who runs a small restaurant who I will ask soon. He is a trifle portly shall we say and looks like a character from a 60's Visconti film - and he's a classic cinema fan, so I have a few ideas...


Actually I just remembered, the deal with the dances in the panning thread was that I would do some colour publicity shots for them and they would dance some routines so I could get some B&W film shots with movement in - so there are often quite a few ways to tempt people (as well, of course as simple vanity - us men seem to be the worst, we are often just too vain!!).
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Yeah it's a crap feeling. I get it alot, I always think to myself 'damn should have taken that'. I have been asked to do 2 weddings this year and I'm such a coward I had to say no, I lack faith I think.
I tend to snipe homeless people, I like to show them in their surroundings.


Don't blame you for saying no to weddings. I've been asked a few times and have always recommended friends who really ARE wedding photographers (they actually seem to like it!). However, I did my nephew's wedding and three friends' but it's a lot of hassle. The interesting thing is though that once people know you are the photographer they have certain expectations and tend to do what you ask. That's what they expect and so you just need to direct them. A good friend used to work as a social photographer in Miami (she is now based in Stockhold and is actually Swedish) and shot lots of 'society' weddings gave me one great piece of advice. Make sure the bride is in focus, looks as nice as possible and make sure you can see the detail in the dress. Forget about the groom. No one's interested in him!! It worked for me!!!
Nice contrast. But I bet you if you'd gone over for a chat he'd have been happy to have his picture taken for a pie and a pint. Just so long as there's a reason. Maybe a photo essay on dreams, aspirations and loss. Otherwise I suppose it can be uncomfortable for both parties. Are you exploiting? It's a tricky conundrum.