Sunrise on Zante Island

Paul Lange


I wanted to try to capture the sunrise but in a way that also showed something of the place I was in. They are bullet holes in the sign by the way!

I cant remember the exposure info and its not to hand but I think it was f11 and nearly 1 second at ISO 100. The camera was resting on the car roof. It was a bit blurred so I tried to sort this by making a new layer with just a copy the sky that I smoothed the edge and then nudged the layer down and then merged it with the background.
It's a good idea here I don't think you have quite managed to get it right though. The road pulls you away on the left side when you really want to explore the sign. I think what I would have done here is maybe shoot in portrait mode and got real close to the sign and try to get the sun shining through the bullet holes.

Funny thing is I've always wanted to photograph( I carefully avoided the word shoot) a road sign with bullet holes in it, when I was in the US I was always on the lookout for such a sign, but never found one. I can see the picture I want in my head now as I'm sitting here. I have had a road sign from the US sent over that has bullet holes in it, just need to find the right location:)
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yes alittle , although again the format odd maybe needs to lose a bit of the sky.