The Back Braes

Rob MacKillop

Edinburgh Correspondent
My wife, Susan, is doing a herbology course, and has identified a path called Back Braes behind our house for study. So, we both spent some time there this morning, she taking colour shots on her phone, I getting to know the subtleties and otherwise of a green filter on the lens of my Q2M. In no particular order...

1. Starship Enterprise?
Dark Enterprise 01.jpg

2. Dark Leaf
Dark Leaf 01.jpg

3. Emerging
Emerging 02.jpg

4. A rather complicated scene
Ghost Leaf 02.jpg

5. Light Leaves
Light Leaves 01.jpg

6. Ditto
Light Leaves 02 Kodalith.jpg

7. Against the sky
Sky Leaf.jpg

8. Said Susan
Susan 01.jpg

9. Ditto
Susan 03a.jpg
10. Sweaty PalmSweatyPalm.jpg

11. Hmm...

12. Wall 1
Wall 01.jpg

13. Wall 2
Wall 02.jpg

14. Web

It was an enjoyable jaunt, and I really engaged with the green filter, which I've never really used much before. I used a yellow filter for three months - getting to know it well - and now I might do a similar length of time with the green filter before moving onto the orange and red. The year of the filters!
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That is a fine and varied set, so many different things to see in one path.
Really like 2, the way the light catches the drops of water is great.
Yes, Chris, I believe it is, though I’ve never been good at identifying plants and flowers. It certainly has bramble-like features.

Glad you like them, Dave. I think number 2 is definitely called a leaf :rolleyes: