The London Eye

Vic Shaw

Senior Member
I think the London Eye has been shot to death, so I went for a different approach.


That's a great shot Vic. Color contrast is perfect I think.

Just to be consistent and make a suggestion as always!! Might be nice to tone down the highlights at the bootom a touch to keep the eye from drift down towards them. What do you think?
I'd never even thought to do that, I will adjust them add repost.
love this shot Vic - makes a contrast between country and city in my mind - very cool!
Thanks chaps, I waited ages to get a second chance for this shot as I thought I'd messed up the 1st few then the sun went behind a cloud, after waiting in the cold wind for 15mins turns out this was fine.

Pete, not sure if I have the know how to get rid of the highlights in a satisfactory way. I started yesterday but had a migraine so I had to call it a day.
Pete said:
Hi Vic,

Tried with curves on a layer copy but a couple of the highlights are burnt out in the JPEG. So how about, Layer Copy then use Clone Darken (50%) to copy tones from related grasses into the highlights. Then adjust opacity of the modified layer to give the effect you are after. Here's a rough version..

Thanks Pete, I shall give that a try. I think I have seen something like this on a video tutorial but I had forgotten how to do it although I remember thinking at the time that it would be handy to know how to do this.