The Meadow

that could be used to an American horror movie poster... i like it!
is there a touch more detail to be had out of the shadow in the middle ground?
Cheers mate
Yea, this was my first "dick around" with it. I'm gonna open the center middle-ground slightly, almost giving a "leading effect" towards the Barn. It got to around 2:30 last night, and I'd had enough, but I'm off tomorrow, so I hope to nail it then. I also found so old images on my PC, and basically I desaturated the be-jesus out of them. The can be found here
As you well know, I'm very wary of the Internet and privacy (Paranoia!), so I was using the pseudo-name "Anthony Matthews" until I realised there was a photographer in Wales of the same name, so I've used Barry Anthony instead, As for composition, I could have adhered to the "Rule of Thirds" on this one, but I opted out, and I think the picture is better for it?
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