The Postman

Vic Shaw

Senior Member
Thanks to Pete for pointing me in the direction of this effect. It's just what I wanted. Going to take a bit of work to get it right and this is not the shot I had in mind to try it out but thats on a DVD somewhere in my filing system(in a box somewhere) and as it's a school night I cant be staying up to late so this will have to do for now.



Too much excitement in 1 week for me!
Glad you like it, I can see me having a lot of fun with this plug in.

I don't own a Lens Baby, that might be caused by the branch bottom left and the slight blur on the 'notice board'. IIRC (and it was about 2 years ago) I used my 50mm 1.7 wide open here as it was in a dark wood plus the fact it was hand held so it's not as sharp as it should be.