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It will of course take some time to share my lists as I have stated for personal gear I've sold nothing. In my will I want ask for them to be buried with me so I'll just have to wait for that. Instead of just listing what I have like a broken record I'll tell ya what I use it for. The one big reason why I haven't sold any of my cameras and strobe gear and some small product studio gear is that a camera always needs to have a working back-up just in case something goes wrong. Wedding photography taught me that!

  • Canon Coolpix S1(first digital camera). My wife likes it and uses it for family fun.
  • Canon Powershot S3(2nd digital camera). Back-up for for my wife's S1.
  • Canon EOS XTi 400D (1st dslr). My back-up camera body.
  • Canon EOS 50D (currently my main camera)
  • Canon EOS3 - current film based for black & white. I will do computer conversions but I prefer not to.
  • Canon Zoom Lens EF-S 18-55mm 3.5~5.6- seldom used for anything. Family grip 'n' grins!
  • Canon Macro Lens EF 100mm 2.8 USM-Studio work and close-up field work.
  • Canon Zoom Lens EF 100-400mm 4.5~5.6 L IS- Telephoto work, some wildlife, mostly compressions of landscapes.
  • Canon Lens TS-E 45mm 2.8 - Architecture/Landscapes/Studio - Main Lens!
  • Canon Extender 1.4 - Seldom used, but if needed there's the reach.
  • Canon Extension Tubes: EF 25II & EF 12II - close-up work
  • Sigma Zoom 17-35mm 2.8 - Seldom used.
  • Tamron SP 10-24mm 3.5~4.5 Di II(Canon mount) - Wide angle and used second most.
  • Canon Lens 600mm 4 - wildlife, birds. (Seldom used) but I ain't sellin it!
  • Sigma Ring Flash EM-140DG Studio work.
  • Canon Speedlite 550 EX (2 each) one master/one fill - back-up for
  • Canon Speedlite 580 EX II (2 each) one master/one fill
  • Canon 270 EX (2 each) - seldom used but back-up for back-up

I have both a Canon system and a Nikon system. Originally I started with Nikon but then the expense began eating me out of house and home. So to keep the peace, I changed to Canon. But I still like Nikon don't get me wrong. I purchased most of the Canon equipment when I sold my wedding photography business in Las Vegas in 2005. However I still receive royalties from post-card sales. There that's my Canons. Soon I'll edit and add my Nikon gear. I still like the old F2AS w/MD3 just because it's big and sounds like a Nikon!:cool:

BTW: I was born in Boulder City, Nevada my grandpa(RIP) was a high-scaler on the Boulder Dam Project back in the 1930s. My father who lived in Boulder City, worked in Henderson at Titanium Metals then we moved to Las Vegas when I was four. I cut my teeth in photography there working for The Little White Wedding Chapel when I was 15. I learned to take a three exposure wedding books on Valentine's day for three years. I hate wedding photography now!
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A kit hoarder ... I'm a bit like that, although I sell mine when essential for affording more useful upgrades ... And I wouldn't be buried with my kit... There would be no room for me. :)
Thanks knows also knows when he's addicted to a forum when that's the first thing he checks when he 's waitin for his first cup of espresso in the morning! Maybe I'll get my Nikon gear listed soon...tracked it all down now just gotta get it all written up. Then the medium format stuff and large format too! :)
i hang my legs over the edge of the bad in the morning, wipe the sleep from my eyes, pick up my iphone and check the forum ... if anyone here finds this place anywhere close to as interesting as that, then im very happy... glad you are finding this place to your liking ..
i would try and list my kit ... but i actually dont want to see it all in a list... making a list would be like admitting i have a problem ... and i really dont want to do that :)
i have just been in the studio in prep for a job there tomorrow, and despite makeing a huge amount of cupboard space for the studio kit, i still have no where to put it all as i have filled it with the empty boxes of all my other kit .... in the imortal words of mr simpson ... DOH!
Soon Pete, and yes Paul, active bloody speakers, you or a problem with that you wanna take to another forum ;)

Sexy ent they

The cheek of it! ... The flashy linn streamer is the penis extension ... The pair of speakers make up for my shrivelled pair ... ...
Bah... Archaic things without amplifiers built in ... ;)
This is verging on hifi talk in poor Brentons thread... I'm really trying hard to not start a "tell us (with photos) about your hifi thread ... :/