Toilet attendant in Marbork Castle!

Well this little fella directs the way to the toilet tower and has done since the days of the Teutonic Knights in Marbork Castle. Note crossed legs and right arm raised and so indicating the way to the toilet tower down a 30m odd passage (aren't guides full of such useful information).


Leica M9 + Zeiss Planar 50 / 1:2 T* 1/25 at F2.4. Exposure correction etc in LR Tin type simulation using SilverFX Pro, blurred border in PS and vingetting etc using Photokit by PixelGenius.
Those stone masons had a wicked sense of humor! LOL

Nice atmosphere on the shot and treatment - like the vignette as well :)

Seem to remember there being some funny gargoyles on York Minster as well?
Gargoyles are for water outlets for guttering systems ... I think that's a grotesque...

It's a nice photo of one though :)
I'd perhaps bring in the top left shadow a bit more.. But I'd prob end up over dooing it anyway :)