Watch Point

Paul Lange


I saw this relatively plastic chair canopied under the old disused building that looked like it had never been completed in the first place. Oddly despite the building and surrounding rubbish it was quite a relaxing place to sit.
I like this, it immediately brought to mind a 1950's film of a glamorous couple racing through the Italian coastal roads in a open top sports car. Although the tires are a bit of a issue I can live with them
yes I think it would, although the chair is such a strong point in the shot and I think overcomes them slightly.
I tried to remove the tire altogether but the focus begun to be wrestled between the chair and the bricks on the left hand side of the photo so I left just a bit of the tire in to balance it out. something odd happening with the space under the arm of the chair I think it needs blurring a bit the holes too sharp

I think it's better with the tires in , the format becomes all odd when cropped like this.
I can imagine the view from that chair would have been quite impressive. Compositions is great for this unusual image, i feel focus at the time of shooting should have been on the chair rather that the tyres, as it is now they are very distracting, if they were out of focus it would have made a nicer image for me.