Wedding flowers

Hamish Gill

Tech Support (and Marketing)
This is a photo from a recent wedding I did... I'm still waiting on permission tonpoat some more from the clients but I posted this one on facebook so they won't mind...
For those interested this was processed in lightroom using a preset that I developed for the client after they asked for a vintage feel... It's not a far cry from my usual work but is now where I intend to take my wedding photography from now on... What do you think?

I like it. maybe the only thing that would make it a little better is to have the people in a tighter group. The guy in the blue tie looks a little 'lost' and not part of the scene, although cropping him out might make the whole composition a little too tight and ruin the format I think the DoF here is fine. Maybe a tad hot in places, but the again it lends to a nice bright healthy feel.

I think it's a fine direction to go, if ever I was brave enough to shoot a wedding I think this is the direction I would head too, I've not viewed many wedding shots ( makes me feel queasy) but something like this is a nice touch of class.
There is actually a a gradient in the top right to increase the exposure ... You can see it on the roof. It was done to add to the vintage feel.
I take your point about the man on blue though... Bloody humans ... You can always reley on them to stand in the wrong place!
I was think more about the womans feet being hot( leave it) they look like they have white fluffy slippers on
I'm back!......I like the tighter one, It has a little story to it. The way she's holding the flowers with a slight bent knee |(or so it seems) and the single male( that you can see clearly) suggests to me she's getting a little annoyed with him chatting to the others.

I have however come back from a 3 day festival so I may not be thinking clearly!