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Gary R. Smith

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I usually carry a camera using a neck strap. I've only ever used a wrist strap on an Olympus Tough waterproof camera while snorkeling. I'm going to a niece's wedding celebration tomorrow and picked-up a "Small Rig" leather wrist strap. It feels quite comfortable. I'll be curious to see how I do with it (as well as shooting with a fixed, 17mm prime all day - 17mm on mFT is almost 35mm FF).smallrig strap.jpg
...don't panic, I'm not the official wedding photographer (anyway, they actually got married months ago - this is just a party).

I'm mostly planning to do some street photography in the airports and Dallas, TX.

And, my wrist strap for the waterproof camera was a "floaty" that would support the camera on the surface if I lost it in the water.
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There's a party for the wedding party tomorrow night and the wedding celebration is Saturday night. It'll will take me 6.5 hours of planes/airports to get from here to Dallas. I don't get back until Sunday evening. I'll report back on Monday.
Thanks Rob! I haven't seen her in quite a while. She's finishing up school to be an orthodontist. I'm going mostly as an excuse to see my brothers. There are six of us with me being the oldest. The 2 next youngest won't be there although the one nearest in age to me was supposed to go but both he and his wife got sick. I'll see the three youngest.
So, I wandered around Dallas, Texas on Friday and Saturday with the camera on the wrist. It worked out well. The strap is comfortable and the camera is always ready at hand rather than hanging on my neck. I suspect part of the comfort was the small camera and small lens. Maybe it was the wine?small wine.jpg
I've never tried a wrist strap. Curious to know how you get on with it tomorrow.

I never did either till recently - but I bought the peak design wrist strap that works with their little camera dongles (as I have a couple of their neck straps) and have found I rather like the wrist straps - specially for smaller cameras. I have also found I can feed it under a belt loop and through itself - or run a belt through it if I need my hands free.