What is a real photographer ?

I apologize for not introducing myself, @Beth Anthony . You are a long-time contributor to this forum; I am a newbie (however graying in age), landing here on Jan. 1 of this year. Welcome back.
i've been mia for a few years...or apparently 5 years according to my last . wtf happened to time? anyway, belated welcome to the forum to you, gianluca.
Translated from his "article" in the other thread mentioned here :

There was no doubt in my mind that the term “Real Photographers” referred to passionate people and technical enthusiasts who would all talk about photographic chemistry, optical calculations and complex composition theses in a 6×9 frame.
As everywhere else, discussions quickly turned around “creativity” and “art”. Until one of the speakers showed some blurry and uninteresting photographs in the hope of demonstrating that creativity could even do without technical skills. It is pathetic.
It is very rare I encounter someone who "just doesn't get it" as much as Stephane and his never-ending quest to completely ignore, insult, refuse to understand that photography isn't solely an exercise in technicality. The dreaded "creativity" and "art" is just as important as the "optical calculations" "photographic chemistry."
Photography is a journey, the image is only its destination.
This one really made my chuckle. My images generally are quite mediocre, but I don't care - as the "journey/experience" is what I enjoy. I take probably 75-100 pictures a week, spread between film, digital, and instant. I could drag my gear out and spend a week taking pictures - and if none of them met society or Stephane's approval - I don't care as I was out being a real "photographer" and documenting my way.

If you are poking around here Stephane, we are real photographers. Blurry pictures and all. If you can't accept that, that is your problem. You talk about how all these places are the same disappointment. I hate to break it to you, but if everywhere is a "problem" to you - mostly likely the "problem" is you. Maybe see a therapist.

maybe an imaginary photographer. psa to all rpf'ers- make sure you feed your imaginary photographers as often as you feed the monster under your bed. they're non-people too.

Mine likes discount store box wine and off-brand breakfast cereals that come in a bag, in case anyone needs some help figuring out what imaginary photographers like.
For me, for what it is worth, a real photographer is one who has ability to think of and see the world as the camera sees it in order to convey what you wish to convey whatever the medium. Maybe too serious a comment, but the same way as Liverpool's manager said about soccer, it isn't matter of life and death - its much more serious than that.