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Taken back in '96 on my first ever visit to the are a with my family. A very photogenic place, it was on that holiday that I also discovered the beautiful work of Frank Meadow Sutcliffe.


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Ralph your post gave me an opportunity to learn about Sutcliffe, with whom I was previously unfamiliar. Although he is of a later generation, his Whitby work reminds me of the work of the Scottish pair Hill and Adamson.
@Brian Moore thanks for the introduction to Hill and Adamson, who I hadn’t heard of previously. I can see similarities between the two. Remarkable photos from them, particularly considering how new the whole process was at that time. It’s also interesting reading about their assistant, Jessie Mann, who apparently photographed the King of Prussia (presumably in H & A’s studio) in 1844 in their absence. First woman photographer in Scotland.
A fine pair of images, as a horror fan I of course think of Dracula. Whitby is on my list of places I would like to visit one day.
I love the silhouette and the sky, great composition. I seem to remember there a rather good fish shop in Whitby, I only went there once sadly, many years ago.