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Stevenson Gawen

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I spent the weekend down south in Victoria, for the Ballarat Supatilt Valley Stages Rally ( there's a mouthful) and got home Sunday evening with about 1500km more on my car's odometer and about 1800 photos.... :oops:

Was a good event! I'm feeling just a little overwelmed with the task of culling 1800 photos down to maybe 300 or good ones, of the 70-something different cars competing.

For now, just one photo out of the lot - this was taken at the official spectator point. My media pass meant I was allowed on the inside of the corner, which meant I had the crowd as a blurry background for my panning shots - quite nice.

This car was one of a few cars who overshot the hard left turn slightly, but instead of backing up, he went forwards and did a 'donut' style turn, spraying some of the crowd with gravel - to mixed reactions. (The majority had been encouraging the driver!)😄

I rather like the range of expressions in the crowd!

For anyone wondering about safety - the organisers try to prevent this kind of situation, but can't completely avoid it. The directions available to get to the spectator points do have a disclaimer and safety warning... no harm done in this case anyway!