huntington beach

  1. Brian Moore

    Huntington Beach Pier

    I steadied the Sigma DP1 Merrill on a wall or something and let it capture this light. Huntington Beach Pier by brian moore, on Flickr
  2. Brian Moore

    Critique Welcomed A Portrait of the Artist as a Photographer

    Huntington Beach Pier. Olympus OM2n with Ilford FP4. I Photobomb by brian moore, on Flickr
  3. Brian Moore

    Critique Welcomed Atypical Day

    Usually it's sunny,...or at least fair. Huntington Beach, California. Looking toward the south from the pier. Not sure if I posted this one before. (It's from a few years ago.) Canon P with Tri-X. Well of course after I posted it a pop-up revealed I had indeed posted it previously. (Under a...
  4. Brian Moore

    Critique Welcomed The Wine-Dark Sea

    The view looking south from the Huntington Beach Pier. I shot this picture some years ago and I don't remember what camera I used.
  5. Brian Moore

    Critique Welcomed Inverted Pass

    A continuation of the somewhat solarized look I've been playing with recently. It's at the Huntington Beach Airshow, 2018. Olympus OM2n and Ilford HP5.
  6. Brian Moore

    Critique Welcomed Solar Blast

    I've been pushing sliders around to experiment some more with that solarized look that featured in my previous post (Vertical Climb). Here's another from the same day and the same roll of film. Olympus OM2n, Olympus 35-70, red #29 filter and Ilford HP5.
  7. Brian Moore

    Critique Welcomed Vertical Climb

    Came across this image yesterday and, although I considered it a throw-away when I first processed it, yesterday I liked it. It's from the Huntington Beach Airshow in 2018. I shot 3 rolls with my OM2n, Olympus 35-70 zoom with red filter (#29) and HP5. Processed in Rodinal. Something went...
  8. Brian Moore

    Wow! Check it out: Up to $500 Cash Back!

    Huntington Beach, California. Olympus XA with Ilford HP5 processed in Rodinal.
  9. Brian Moore

    Critique Welcomed A Woman on the Beach at Sunset

    Huntington Beach, California, a few years ago. Olympus XA3 with Tri-X at 1600. Processed in Rodinal.
  10. Brian Moore

    Critique Welcomed Need Prayer?

    Huntington Beach, California. (Evangelists on the beach are not uncommon.) Nikon F4 with Arista 100 film, processed in Rodinal. I didn't have the F4 for long. I bought it from an E-Bay seller out of Japan. Shot a test roll ("Need Prayer" being one frame from that roll) and saw that the camera...
  11. Brian Moore

    Critique Welcomed Pointillism

    I posted this image to RPF years ago under a different title ("Think Me Strange if You Will...") but the link is broken now (as are many links to my earlier contributions due to my having moved all of my photos). Anyway I was sitting near the pier in Huntington Beach and this scene unfolded in...
  12. Brian Moore

    Critique Welcomed Thar She Blows!

    Huntington Beach Pier. Vivitar PN2011 "toy" camera with Kodak Ultramax 400 film.
  13. Brian Moore

    Critique Welcomed A Fine Leg To Stand On

    Huntington Beach Pier. Vivitar PN2011 "toy camera" with Kodak Ultramax 400 film.
  14. Brian Moore

    Critique Welcomed Jesus Smells Smoke

    Main Street, Huntington Beach a few years ago. Canon QL17 with Kodak Portra 400 film.
  15. Brian Moore

    Critique Welcomed Portrait of a Surfer

    Huntington Beach, California. Vivitar PN2011 "toy camera" with Kodak Tri-X 400 processed in Rodinal.
  16. Brian Moore

    Critique Welcomed Impending Wipeout

    I shot this from Huntington Beach Pier. On either side of me were real surf photographers, with their hi-rez cameras, long lenses and monopods. If they noticed me at all they must have thought how pitiful I looked, with my little plastic Vivitar PN2011 "toy camera." And I suppose they'd be...
  17. Brian Moore

    Critique Welcomed Lady in a Bicycle Rikshaw

    At the intersection of Main Street and Pacific Coast Highway in Huntington Beach a couple of years ago. Holga 120N with expired Kodak Ektachrome 100 cross-processed in C41 developer.
  18. Brian Moore

    Critique Welcomed 3 Young Fellows Contemplating Life

    Or maybe they are looking for the green flash. Huntington Beach Pier. Canon P with Arista EDU 400 film processed in Rodinal.
  19. Brian Moore

    Critique Welcomed 5th & PCH

    The intersection of 5th Street and Pacific Coast Highway in Huntington Beach, California. Sigma DP1 Merrill.
  20. Brian Moore

    Critique Welcomed Bubble Boy and Bubble Girl

    Huntington Beach Pier. Canon F1 and Canon FD17/4 with Arista EDU 400 film processed in Rodinal. Bubble Boy Bubble Girl