6400 ISO

Darren Turner

i went to a lantern parade in Machynlleth this evening, i didn't know what to expect really, it did however turn out to be a very good evening.

After the parade, all the lanterns were on display on the local football field, then they set of some awesome fireworks.

Anyhow here is an image of one of the large lanterns that was carried through the town, its around 8ft high. I used high iso due to very low light....well pitch black conditions


Image was shot raw, with only a resize & Jpeg conversion in CS5

Image Taken Hand-held With Canon EOS 7D & 70-200mm F2.8 IS USM
Aperture F2.8
ISO 6400
Shutter Speed 1/80 Sec

I think this image is VERY useable and i think i am quite impressed with quality at high ISO .........;)


ps. many more lantern images coming soon
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yes i have heard Nikon are the ultimate cameras for great images at high ISO......i was pleasantly surprised by my efforts & cams capabilities this evening to be honest......haha
Sorry, I'm a bit confused, is this 1600 or 6400 iso?
I have a job comin up next week, I'll tell you about it after, but it's about the most exiting job I have done to date ... Since I no longer have complete confidence in my d3, I'm going to hire a d3s from camerent - maximum extended iso 102,400 ... Aparently it's completely useable at 12,800 ...
I love high iso photography ... It seems more special as the the photos ofter feel more elusive if that makes sence?
Let's see some note lanterns then :)
sorry Hamish....i have corrected the exif info under image, ISO 6400 it is.

Apparently this cam can go up to ISO 12800, i will have to try this sometime