A few more holiday snaps


Graeme Harvey

Views from the house:


Harlech Bay:

Berries in the Garden:

A Couple of Bridges:

Bridge #1:

Footbridge on the Roman Steps:

Finally, a couple of sunsets taken from the house looking over the bay:

Sunday, 8.05pm

Thursday, 8.12pm

Thursday, 8.13pm
The sunset are very impressive, the colours are amazing in your last image.

2 versions of fire in your 2nd from last image is also a clever & effective idea.......mmmmmmmmm i can almost smell the sausages on the bbq

That tree kind of silhouette is also very good, with muted colours really is an arty kinda of pic.

Over all a great set of pics from ya holidays

Lovely colours in the sunset shots Grez and like Darren said, great idea with the flaming BBQ with the sunset.
Bloody hell, you had some very nice weather!

Fantastic views, and nice captures.

That Fuji does such a nice job on the greens and blues - but also came up trumps on the sunsets.
lovely set on holiday images gorgeous colours in them sunsets so fiery looking, love that little roman bridge nowthats the sort of place I c0uld spend hours at
Nice compositions here Grez, I like the berrys one and the BBQ is such a good idea and sets the whole picture.
Thanks guys. The weather was great on the first few days, but on the Tuesday that we attempted to go up the Roman Steps and then to the top of the mountain, we were supposed to have the best weather. However, despite taking my tripod, I got about 5 pictures, due in part to strong winds and heavy rain. My boots were still drying out on Friday, and when we were coming back down, the path had turned into a stream in parts. Had a lot of fun, got soaking wet but lousy day for photography.

The last two shots were on the Thursday night before we came away, and we were eating in the garden (hence the lit barbecue). We got some lovely views from the house but that was the best sunset of the week!