A local carwash...!

Stevenson Gawen

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I took this one on my way home earlier this evening, using my phone, then processed the DNG file on the phone using Lr Mobile, and now I'm posting this also on the phone!

Nothing special really😃 but I've always been more pc-oriented - which isn't changing but it's fun being able to do a complete workflow on one single device... and with the new phone it works surprisingly well, if fiddly at times
I'm not sure whether I'll renew the Lr sub. See how it goes. I definitely prefer my usual Darktable for my main useage, but there's no decent equivalent for android as far as I can tell. Except Lr 😲
To my surprise, Lr Mobile doesn't seem to give any control over output size so I had to find another app to downsize the image for the forum.
Overdid it a bit... 162KB😂Resize_20230708_222451_1651.jpg