Darren Turner


west wales coastal town of aberdyfi or aberdovery......!!


Usually the estuary & marina is filled with boats, but not at this time of year. There was some activity from the jetty, some 15 southerners getting in a huge rowing boat an trying & failing to row over the estuary as it was going dark.........madness..........i think it was a team building kinda of event

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A couple of lovely scenes Darren.

I don't normally like to offer my opinions on other peoples shots, especially when the other person is a lot better at photography than I am:eek:. But personally I would have cropped a bit of the empty sky on the first shot giving it a more "Panorama" type look.

To me the posts in the water and the land on the left are leading my eyes to the lower part of the image with nothing going on above, but with some of the sky taken out they lead my eyes through to the mountains in the distance which to me is a more pleasing view.
If you scroll down so the mountains are about 2/3s of the way up you should see what I mean:confused:.

That's just my thoughts, what do others think???
your talking sense glen i do agree with you totally about the crop........!!

dont be afraid of offering options & ideas, we can all learn for each other this way. I actually would not have thought about the crop until you mentioned it and now i agree with you it does improve the image, especially with all that empty sky which is basically pointless........

Cheers Daz
It weird how people see things differently. I asked my son what his opinion was and he preferred the full version because he thinks the colour of the sky is awesome the the way it's dark at the top and gradually gets lighter.... When I scrolled down to show him what I was thinking he said the sky was too light and has lost its impact now.........???
yes that what my point is when people go crazy over this or that image when i might think its crap.......lol Its a totally personal thing isn't it regardless of any general photographers rule of thirds & various other unwritten rules.

That sky was a bit washed out believe it or not...i brought it back to life with a fake graduated filter tool in cs4...........haha

I agree with the crop suggestion and am pleased that this approach - ie use whatever non-standard ratio works best for each photo - is felt to be OK.

It does make printing more problematic, though.
I'm with Glen on the crop Darren. Great shots but the eye is drawn through the shot much better without the excess sky. These aspect changes can be difficult to print though. Sometimes I set the mask for the size I want to print and choose the best crop to achieve close to what I want. Mind, with the crop that Glen is proposing, it's pretty close to a postcard!
Love shot #1!

16:9 and B&W treatment - sorted!!
With the sky cropped down, I suppose if you wanted a more standard ratio for printing you could crop out four or five posts on the right hand side;):rolleyes: ......lol